Invest in Australia

Invest in Australia is an initiative to market Australia as an investment destination all over the globe, to provide a networking platform for Australian businesses at a global level and to provide information to the international investors about investment opportunities in Australia.

Invest in Australia have following different products to make sure the success of the Australian businesses and the International investors whether they are individuals or corporate:

– Online Platform
– Printed and digital magazine “Invest in Australia”
– Supporting Events and Exhibitions

Key Goals:

To promote and markets Australia’s core investment/export industries including skills to international markets, while targeting government leaders and departments, business leaders, captains of industry and high net-worth investors seeking to learn more about Australia’s unique investment opportunities.

Target Industries:

Agriculture, Mining, Resources, Cleantech, Energy, Education, Real Estate, Hospitality, Human Resource, Health, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Information Technology, Sports, Financial Services, Entertainment & media, Infrastructure & Construction, Tourism, Transport etc.

Invest in Australia is organised by Hanko Hackberry Group. Income from Sponsorships and advertisements support this initiative. Most of the events, magazine and other initiatives are supported by various trade, business associations and other organisations.

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