New Zealand’s Unique Competitive Advantages

With the advent of Liberalization and Globalization there has been a huge surge in businesses wanting to invest in various countries around the world. Keeping this in mind, the government of New Zealand is keeping no stone unturned to attract investors to invest in New Zealand. They are offering a whole lot of opportunities to businesses from all around the world to invest in New Zealand.

Investing in New Zealand has become more than relocating; it has now become a process of total regeneration of businesses. With strong Economic Fundamentals, solid infrastructure and competitive business costs, New Zealand is surely one of the best places to invest.

The Strong Economic Fundamentals

New Zealand’s efficient, market-driven economy is suitable for investors as it provides a variety of benefits such as economic stability, comprehensive free-trade agreements, and an active government support for investment. All these factors have made New Zealand one of the most desired locations for investments.

Economic Stability: With more than a decade of economic restructuring, New Zealand now has a stable economy which is well accelerated for long term international competitiveness. The privatization of several utilities and state services, such as postage and rail services, has given rise to the most efficient and competitive friendly economies in the world. Furthermore, a free and independent media in New Zealand ensures a high level of transparency in the corporate and government decision making processes.

Comprehensive Free-trade Agreements (FTA’s): The recent economic co-operation agreements with countries such as Singapore and Thailand and China have substantially increased the size of consumer markets in New Zealand.

Infrastructure for Business

New Zealand has all the necessary infrastructures needed to start and sustain a business. Locally, New Zealand makes use of the fast digital and wireless networks for communication to communicate globally and the country has a set range of airline services and high capacity submarine fiber-optic cables.

Transport and Logistics Connections

New Zealand has a chain of extensive road and rail transport systems, effective inter island links, privately run deep water ports which are served by 30 global and regional shipping lines, and all these at internationally competitive prices. It also has International airports in seven major urban centers across the country which provide services from all the major international airlines

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