Business Verticals


At Hanko Hackberry, consulting takes on new shapes and forms with the change of business models around the world. We offer innovation consulting by reviewing existing organisation business models and processes to provide disruptive alternatives against existing processes offering competitive and more efficient way of doing business in this modern world. Our understanding of business and IT with innovative and disruptive thinking, positions us uniquely in the market.


Leveraging the various media platforms for visibility, brand building and simply reaching out to people is what comes naturally to the team at Hanko Hackberry. Our innovative and cutting-edge media platforms will reach out to the world in a variety of ways. Whatever be your business or your requirement, you can trust Hanko Hackberry to have the ideal media solution for all your needs.

Online Platforms

Designed with state of the art technology, the high-tech online platforms are equipped to provide consumers with an experience that is high on technology and yet personalized for ease and appeal. Facilitated by the highly experienced and extremely innovative IT team at Hanko Hackberry, these online platforms will enable users to get the ‘feel’ of an organization or business while being able to customize preferences and requirements. Ensuring a user-friendly interface is extremely important, according to us, especially in the nascent stages. The highly successful Invest in Australia website is just one example of using online platforms to reach out to the world.


Magazines hold an immense amount of potential for spreading word of mouth publicity, building customer loyalty and increasing global presence. Hanko Hackberry is responsible for the conceptualization of various magazines, published under license, that help businesses to reach out and interact with contemporaries in the corporate world across the globe. The aim of these magazines is to increase visibility, build brands and target readers who are actually looking for this information. Such precise readership targeting ensures that the message is delivered to the right audience at the right time. Our team of talented wordsmiths and media professionals will ensure that the right magazine is tapped for business promotion and brand building. In short, our team will get the word out in the right way and by using the best possible channel.


Events are the key to brand building and advertising. Organizing events requires skill, planning, attention to detail and an insight into the customer’s mind. We, at Hanko Hackberry, have our finger on the pulse of the global consumer base and know exactly what works where. Hanko Hackberry organizes conferences and exhibitions in various business areas, such as, Education, Agriculture, Real Estate, Health, Pharmaceuticals, Investment and others with the main aim of enabling business organizations to showcase their brands to consumers, interact with other businesses and share best practices via the medium of these expos, conferences and seminars. As a result, the events organized are appropriate, interesting and most importantly, yield results.

Intellectual Property

Hanko Hackberry is committed to developing in-house products for our larger business goals. It is vital that businesses recognize the importance of IPs. IPs can make a business worth more than what it would be as a stand-alone. Creating intellectual property can create value for a business in many ways. While most often, the term ‘intellectual property’ is used to discuss and describe patents, trademarks, copyrights and domain names, intellectual property is actually much more than that. The start point for all intellectual property is innovation, information, brands and content.

And at Hanko Hackberry, we believe in using this innovation and information to create IPs that generate awareness and bridge the gap to make the business world a smaller place. The innovation team at Hanko Hackberry believes in creating intellectual property that creates the right image and presence for our business commitments and long-term strategic goals. Invest in Australia is just an example of creating an IP to promote and build a presence of Australia into the global market.

Our Services:


–          Innovation consulting

Country Governments/Investment Agencies

–          Integrated Country Branding and Marketing Solutions

State Governments/State investment agencies/ City Councils

–          State/city Branding and marketing solutions

–          Reports and newsletters

–          Promotion of investment destination and opportunities

Business Associations/Non-Profitable organisations

–          News feeds

–          Reports

–          Newsletters

–          Promotion of events or delegation for investments

Investment businesses

–          News

–          Reports

–          Newsletters

–          Investment opportunities/deals promotion

–          Branding and profiling on our portals and other media.

Businesses and others

–          Profiling and Branding of the business

–          News, reports

–          Newsletters promotion

–          Branded contents etc.