With the increasing growth of world economies and the reduction in global distances, investing in international projects is no longer a dream. It is possible to take on or outsource projects across the world and profit from them without moving your own base.

At Hanko Hackberry, bringing global opportunities to you is what we strive for and with that in mind, we have opportunities available for investors and entrepreneurs in nearly all our segments and at various locations. Depending upon your budget and requirements, there are at any given time, multiple projects available for businesses in publishing, marketing, event management, licensing and franchising.

Please feel free to get in touch with us through our Contact Us page. A Hanko Hackberry representative will be happy to respond and walk you through opportunities and projects customized to your requirements.

Current Opportunities:

We are looking for passionate target achiever media sales companies for Economic Development & Investment magazines, online media & expo management companies in India, UK, Brazil, New Zealand, Russia, US, South Africa, China and EU.